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Verantwortungsvolles Spielen

Know your limits!

The greatest goal in the Secret World and it’s Secret lottery is to maintain the health of it’s visitors, their joy and well-being.

Are you enjoying our gambles? Please be aware that gaming means sometimes winning and sometimes loosing.
Please do only place deposit of which you could afford loosing. Even though that the Secret Lottery brings the best winning chances of lotteries, you have to be aware about this. Please.

Test yourself with the following questions:

  • Do you feel an obsession to play with money?
  • Do you spend more time on playing as you should?
  • Do you spend more money on playing than you should/can afford?
  • Does gaming influence your private schedule?
  • Are you stressed or do you feel uncomfortable while playing?
  • Do you only place more and more deposits to win money?
  • Do you deposit money to return previous losses?

In case you can answer any of the above questions with “Yes” we would kindly ask you to use our wager or loss limit. Please be aware that we have currently a total deposit limit of 2000€ within 6 month for all players registered to ensure a general safety in our Secret World.
You can find and set limits by clicking the button “SELF PROTECTION” below.
You can always reach the SELF PROTECTION under the “MY ACCOUNT” bar. Be wise and immediately set limits when you feel uncomfortable.

In case you feel that you start feeling uncomfortable or have difficulties not to play over a certain period of time we can help you with that as well:

Take a break! Choose a date until when you want it to be locked and there you go – your account will be blocked immediately.


You can set any amount as wager or loss limit.

How it works:

  1. Click the Secret Lottery “SELF PROTECTION” button on enter by hovering your mouse over “MY ACCOUNT” and clicking it there in the drop down bar
  2. Choose either a wager limit on the left or a losses limit on the right and insert your desired amount there

How to decrease your limit:

Watch for typos! Your limit will be immediately set once you clicked “SET LIMIT”.

  1. Chose the limit you want to increase
  2. Insert the new desired amount and click “SET LIMIT”
  3. The decreased limit will be activated immediately

How to increase your limit:

Do you feel more confident now or came into a good financial situation? Sure?

  1. Chose the limit you want to increase
  2. Insert the new desired amount and click “SET LIMIT”
  3. The new limit will be activated on the next Monday at 00:01 AM of GMT+2


What is the “TAKE A BREAK”- function?

This function allows you to lock your account for a certain time period – you can choose for how long.
It intends to give you time to think about your situation and to assist you during times you should not play. When you are not confident with playing but you do not want to permanently close your account yet we recommend this function.

How it works:

  1. Click on the button “TAKE A BREAK” or find the function through the drop down bar under “MY ACCOUNT”
  2. Choose the date until you want to have your account disabled
  3. Click the tick box

How to reopen before the time passed:

  1. Please contact our customer service by email ( or use the contact form.
  2. We will guide you through the process from there.


Please beware that this function is the last resort and you will never be able to reopen the account again.

This is the recommended choice when you have a gambling problem and have no control about your gambling.

How it works:

  1. Click on the Button “SELF EXCLUSION” below or find the function through the drop down bar under “MY ACCOUNT”
  2. Click the tick box

Next steps:

Please visit the area “FURTHER HELP” below. We recommend contacting the given institutions by heart. There is a way out and we want you to find a way out. Please contact us by mail ( or our contact form that we can assist you. We are there for you. Anytime.


Gambling can be addictive and harmful. Gamble responsibly and in moderation. Do not consider gambling as a way of earning money and only play with money that you can afford to lose. Remain in control of your gameplay by using Secret Lottery’s Predictive Tool, set yourself gaming limits, take a break or self-exclude yourself. If you are worried about your gambling or are affected by another person's gambling behaviour, please contact GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous for help.


We loved the time you spent in our Secret World. We thank you some much and have the best hopes for you in future.

Of course we would like to see you again – but sometimes it’s best to follow new paths. In case gaming on Secret Lottery means any risk to you, your family or your health it’s maybe best to say goodbye.

Feel free to contact us at any time for a chat or any help. We also invite your family members and friends to contact us about the problems you might have.