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Terms and Conditions of Secret Lottery – May 2021 Ver 1.2

  1. General
  2. Secret Lottery Account
  3. Responsible gaming and users Obligations 
  4. Betting Rules
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Complaints
  7. Limitation of Liability
  8. Copyright
  9. Severability


  1. General

    1. These Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) apply to the usage of the Games & Services by You (Player). The Terms and Conditions also apply to related mobile or other platforms enabled by you through the website, (“Website”) and other related URLs belonging to or licensed to Anderson Gambling Ltd (“Secret Lottery”, “us” or the “Company”).
    2. “Games” means Lottery and other games as may from time to time be made available by Secret Lottery.
    3.  “Services” means betting offers as may from time to time be made available by Secret Lottery. Secret Lottery reserves the right to add and remove Games and Services at our own discretion.
    4. Secret Lottery and associated trademarks are the property of Anderson Gambling Ltd, Malta registration number C 83483 with its registered address 170, Pater House, Psaila Street, B'Kara BKR 9077, Malta. Secret Lottery has been granted a B2C Type 3 licence from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to offer Lottery games, number MGA/B2C/795/2020 issued on the 12th of February 2021 and is regulated by the said Authority. The MGA is a regulatory body in Malta.
    5. These T&C come into force as soon as you tick the box for acceptance during the registration process on the “Register” button. By clicking on the box for acceptance you signify to Secret Lottery that you have read these T&C, understand them and accept them.
    6. You must read these T&C carefully in their entirety before ticking the box for acceptance. If you do not agree with any provision of these T&C You must not use or continue to use the Website.
    7. You fully understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein and as they may be amended by us from time to time.
    8. Anderson Gambling Limited reserves the right to modify these T&Cs and, thus, to amend the Agreement between you and Secret Lottery at any time. You will be notified of changes to terms by email prior to the change of terms and you must confirm re-acceptance of the modified T&Cs before they come into effect. Should You not wish to continue using the services of Secret Lottery following any changes to these T&Cs, you must stop using the Websites apart from withdrawing your withdrawable balance in your account.
    9. It is Your sole responsibility to review the T&C, together with the specific rules for each Game You choose to participate in, in order to remain updated with all amendments each time You play. Such amendments will become effective immediately upon being posted on
    10. Any reference to Secret Lottery’s Games in these T&C shall refer to Lottery and other Games as such may from time to time become available on the Website. Secret Lottery reserves the right to add and remove Games from the Website at its own discretion.
    11. These T&C may be published in several languages besides English and/or Maltese Language for information purposes and ease of reference. In the case of conflict with any other versions, the version which is most beneficial to the player shall prevail.
    12. The contractual relationship between the registered player and Anderson Gambling Limited is governed by these Terms and Conditions and by the Laws of Malta.
    13. Secret Lottery reserves the right to keep all the information provided by you as personal data, to the extent required by law. You have the right to access and update personal data held by us about you as well as the right to erase and restrict it whilst having the right to data portability requests in line with applicable legislation.


  2. Secret Lottery Account

    1. General Secret Lottery Account rules

      1.  Any Player applying for an account must be at least 18 years old.
      2. For the moment only players residing in Germany / German citizens will be   accepted to register an account with Secret Lottery, however as soon as this will change, the players will be informed accordingly. Persons residing in any other      countries cannot register with Secret Lottery.
      3. Players agree to abide by these terms and conditions at all times, and also confirm that they are:

        • Not acting in the interests of any third party;
        • Not utilising funds originating from any criminal activity or activities;
        • Not utilising bank accounts, debit cards, credit card/s they are not authorised to use;
        • Not going to attempt to hack the website or, to alter its code in any way;
        • Not going to take part or organise any criminal actions against Anderson Gambling Limited, its affiliates, and its Players;   
        • Totally responsible to know if your gaming activity is legal from the territory which you are playing. 

    2. Registration and opening of your “Secret Lottery Account”

      1. In order for you to be able to place bets in any of Secret Lottery’s Games for real money, you must first register personally with Secret Lottery.
      2. To open an account, click on “Register” and place money into your “Secret Lottery Player Account” in the way stipulated on the following page
      3. You are only allowed to have one Account on this Website. If you attempt to open more than one Account, all accounts you try to open may be blocked or closed and any bets may be voided.
      4. Secret Lottery has the right to appoint payment solution providers to act, receive and/or pay funds on behalf of Secret Lottery.
      5. If You notice that you have more than one registered Account under different names, you must notify Secret Lottery immediately.
      6. A request to open an Account is made by filling out the registration form and submitting it to Secret Lottery online. Secret Lottery reserves the right to refuse to open an Account for whatever reason.
      7. You must enter all mandatory information requested into your registration form, in particular, your identity, your address and contact details, including a valid e-mail address, your place of residence, phone number, date of birth, relevant payment information; all of which must be true and correct. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is true, complete, correct and up to date.
      8. Customer and Transactional data collected during the relationship with the customer will be maintained for a period of 5 years from the ending of the customer relationship. End of the customer relationship is defined as from the last day the customer effected any movement of funds to and from his account, or a successful login.

        Should statutory obligations arising from other laws, regulations or based on a request from a regulator, a requirement be established to keep records for a longer period be in place, this will be taken in consideration and adhered to. Documents will not be retained beyond the required obligations and will be deleted.
      9. You are hereby notified that we carry out verification procedures and that your Account may be blocked for access or closed if you are found to supply false or misleading information.
      10. You will be requested to provide Secret Lottery with documents at the withdrawal stage, such as a copy of your passport or other identification documentation.
      11. Your Account may be blocked or closed if you do not provide requested information or documents or if such information or documents you provide is/are found false or misleading. Secret Lottery reserve the right to close your Account and withhold any funds held in your Account until the Secret Lottery verification process is complete. If on completion of Secret Lottery’s verification checks, you are shown to be underage:

        1. Secret Lottery will return all deposits to you and no winnings will be paid;
        2. All transactions made whilst you were underage will be made void, and all related funds deposited by you will be returned by the payment method used for the deposit of such funds, wherever practicable;
        3. Your Account will be closed.

      12. As part of the registration process, you will have to choose your username and password for your login into the Website(s). It is your sole and exclusive responsibility to ensure that your login details are kept securely. You must not disclose your login details to anyone. We are not responsible for any abuse or misuse of your Account by third parties due to your disclosure, whether intentional or accidental, whether active or passive, of your login details to any third party.
      13. You are not allowed to transfer funds from your Account to other Account Holder or to receive money from other Account Holders into your Account, or to transfer, sell and/or acquire, user accounts
      14. Secret Lottery may, at its own discretion and without having to provide any justification, refuse to open an account or close an existing account. In this case any contractual obligations already made, shall be honored.

    3. Deposits into your Account

      1. You may participate in any Game or Service only if you have sufficient funds on your Account for such participation. Secret Lottery shall not give you any credit whatsoever for participation in any Game or Service.
      2. To deposit funds into your Account, you can use any of the methods specified on the Deposits page of the Website, as may be amended from time to time. Please note that some of the methods may not be available in some jurisdictions.
      3. Depending on the method selected for deposits, such deposits can incur charges. Any charges levied by the banks/payment gateways will be deducted from the reversed amount. Your bank or other payment service provider may independently charge You for bank wire transfers and other methods of payment. Please visit our Deposits page for full visibility on the available deposit methods at
      4. When using a credit or debit card for depositing funds, your funds only clear when Secret Lottery has received an irrevocable approval and authorization code. Should Secret Lottery not receive such approval and code your account will not be credited with those funds.
      5. When payment is made using a credit card, Secret Lottery may request a certified copy of that credit card (front and back). Please ensure that only the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits of the card are visible and that the CVV /CVV2 number on the back of the card is also not visible. Furthermore, Secret Lottery will conduct the Know-Your-Client process on your first deposit by requesting identification documents from you to confirm your identification.
      6. Secret Lottery does not grant any credit for the use of its services.
      7. You should not treat Secret Lottery as a financial institution and expect interest on deposits.
      8. The minimum deposit to your player account with Secret Lottery is €10 by using all methods of payment, while not more than €500 can be deposited at once via any available method.
      9. All transactions will be checked by our Fraud Personnel in accordance with the prevention of money laundering laws and regulations as applicable.
      10. It is unlawful to deposit money from ill-gotten means. If any proof or suspicion, the Company will investigate and will take appropriate measures.
      11. Any suspicious transaction will be reported to the relevant Authorities.
      12. Please note that Secret Lottery is obliged to conduct a Know-Your-Client process by requesting identification documents should your total cumulative deposits hit the €2000 threshold (the value can be calculated either on a daily basis taking into account all deposits effected since the establishment of the business relationship or on the basis of a rolling period of 180 days).
      13. To ensure security for your transactions, the funds might take between 1 minute and 5 working days until the will reflect in your playing account.
      14. Depending on the method selected for withdrawal, such withdrawals can incur charges. Any charges levied by the banks/payment gateways will be deducted from the reversed amount. Your bank or other payment service provider may independently charge you for bank wire transfers and other methods of payment. Please visit our Withdrawal page for full visibility on the available withdrawal methods at

    4. Pay-outs

      1. When the time of Lottery elapses, if the minimum conditions of the game were met, the winner will be displayed, and all winnings will be available for use in the Account of the player. Should the minimum conditions of Lottery not me bet, all participants will be refunded the wagered value (the full value of the purchased tickets for that particular Lottery)
      2. Secret Lottery reserves the right to declare a wager void, partially or in full, if Secret Lottery, at its own discretion, deems it obvious that there was an error, mistake, misprint or technical error on the pay-table or software.
      3. If Secret Lottery mistakenly credit your Account with winnings that do not belong to you for any reason, these will be taken back from your Account. If you have withdrawn these winnings before we become aware of this error, you must immediately inform us and will be required to pay this back. If you do not, we will take all legal action available to us to recover this debt.

    5. Withdrawals from your Account

      1. You may withdraw funds at any time up to the “Available to Withdraw” balance in Your Account by issuing Secret Lottery with a valid notice of withdrawal.
      2. You agree that funds in your Account must only be used for playing the Games and Services found on the website. Your deposit amounts become eligible to be withdrawn once the amount is wagered at least once. We reserve the right to reject a withdrawal request if we suspect that funds are being withdrawn for any fraudulent or money laundering reasons.
      3. Prior to accepting a withdrawal, Secret Lottery may request that you provide legal identification for example certified copies of passports, ID cards or other such documentation as we feel is required in the circumstances. However please note that Secret Lottery is obliged to conduct a Know-Your-Client process by requesting identification documents should your total cumulative deposits hit the €2000 threshold (the value can be calculated either on a daily basis taking into account all deposits effected since the establishment of the business relationship or on the basis of a rolling period of 180 days).
      4. Once Secret Lottery approves your withdrawal you must give us sufficient information as to how the funds should be transferred to you. We will attempt to accommodate your request regarding the payment method and currency of your withdrawal. This, however, cannot be guaranteed. All withdrawals will be remitted only to the same account from where the funds paid into the Account originated.
      5. Secret Lottery will process your withdrawal request within 12 hours from the moment when the request is received or faster wherever possible.
      6. You may only withdraw using one transaction starting with the minimum amount of €10 the maximum amount of Euro 1,000. Larger transactions require an approval by Secret Lottery.
      7. If any evidence or reasonable suspicion that specific bets were placed on any Game or Service (i.e. betting in proportions on different outcomes in the same hand to create "action") without risk will not qualify for any wagering requirement. If you are found to be colluding with other players, for example, one player (Account) betting on the player, the other betting on the banker, you will have your bets cancelled, account closed and all deposits made by you may be forfeited.
      8. All transactions made by players on our site are checked to prevent money laundering and other illegal activity. Any suspicious transactions will be reported to the relative authorities.

    6. Bonuses and Promotional Schemes

      • At the moment, Secret Lottery does not offer any bonuses, should this change in the future the registered players will be notified accordingly in respect of the use and applicable limitations of the Bonuses.

      • where occasionally bonuses and/or promotional schemes are offered, Secret Lottery will inform the registered players in position of benefit of the planned bonus.

    7. Closing Your Account

      1. If you wish to close your Account, you may do so at any time, by contacting customer support in written form on or use the website feature ‘’Delete your account’’ available while logged in by accessing ‘’my account’’ drop down menu. The effective closure of the Account will correspond to the termination of the Terms and Conditions. In case the reason behind the closure of the Account is related to concerns about possible gambling addiction you shall indicate it.
      2.  Secret Lottery reserves the right to close your Account and to refund to You the available to withdraw balance, subject to the deduction of relevant withdrawal charges, at Secret Lottery’s absolute discretion and without any obligation to state a reason or give prior notice.

    8. Miscellaneous

      1. If you try to open any other Account, on top of your first account, Secret Lottery will block or close the account. Secret Lottery may also block or close your first account. If Secret Lottery leave your first account open your remaining deposits from any other accounts, if any, will be transferred to your first account.
      2. The Company reserves the right to refuse the registration of a player or an account closed (at Secret Lottery’s discretion). However, contractual obligations already made will be honoured by Secret Lottery.
      3. An inactive Account is an account that has not been accessed for 12 consecutive months, irrespective if it that has a real money balance or not. If, prior turning 12 months since last login, Secret Lottery is unable to contact you or no activity on the account is carried out even after contacting you, Secret Lottery will not charge a monthly administrative fee.
      4. While some of our processes are being automated, not automated decision taking will be applied to the players interaction, the ultimate decision is being taken by a natural person.
      5. Secret Lottery reserves the right to limit/refuse bets for any reason and is not liable to share the reasons with you.
      6. Secret Lottery shall not be liable for any loss, costs, expenses or damages, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or otherwise, arising in relation to your use of the websites or your participation in the games.
      7. In the case of a connection error or other technical problem, the funds may take up to ten minutes to be credited from your Player Wallet.


  3. Responsible gaming and users Obligations

    1. Gambling can be addictive. If you need some help to overcome such addiction, kindly see our responsible gaming page on the Site. Please always gamble responsibly.
    2. You understand that by participating in the Games and Services you take the risk of losing money deposited in your Account opened with Secret Lottery.
    3. You may set your own limits on the amount you permit yourselves to bet in a specified period of time. The limit can only be removed after you contact Secret Lottery and confirms the removal by email on
    4. You may also lock your Account for a definite or indefinite period of time should you no longer wish to bet. To do so you must login and go to the Self Exclusion page and stipulate the period you wish to deactivate your Account for. Your Account will be automatically reactivated once the period ends.
    5. You will not be able to open any account with Secret Lottery should you opt for self-exclusion. You will also forfeit any entry into any competition or draw which was entered into prior to such self –exclusion as well as forfeiting any non-cash prizes or invitations which have been granted to you (as applicable from time to time and notified to you by Secret Lottery) or offered to you prior to such self-exclusion but which have not yet been redeemed or utilised by you.
    6. You hereby represent and warrant that:

      1. You are allowed to participate in the Games and Services offered by Secret Lottery if you are over 18 years old or such higher minimum legal age as stipulated in the laws of jurisdiction applicable to You and, under the laws applicable to You;
      2. You register on your behalf, and You participate in the Games and Services on your own behalf and not on behalf of any other person;
      3. It is entirely and solely your responsibility to enquire and ensure that you do not breach laws applicable to you by participating in the Games and Services on Secret Lottery;
      4. Your participation in the Games and Services on Secret Lottery will be strictly in your personal non-professional capacity for recreational and entertainment reasons only;
      5. All information that You provide to Secret Lottery during the term of this Agreement is true, complete, and correct, and that You shall immediately notify Secret Lottery of any changes of such information;
      6. You are solely responsible for reporting and accounting for any taxes applicable to you under relevant laws for your participation in Games and Services including any winnings that You receive from Secret Lottery;
      7. All money that You deposit into your Account are not tainted with any illegality and, in particular, do not originate from any illegal activity or source;
      8. In relation to deposits and withdrawals of funds into and from your Account, you shall only use funds, credit card and other financial instruments that are valid and lawfully belong to You;
      9. The computer software that we make available to You is owned by Secret Lottery or other third parties and protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. You may only use the software for your own personal, recreational use in accordance with all rules, terms and conditions as set out in these T&C and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

    7. Player collusion is strictly prohibited. Secret Lottery reserves the rights to take measures to prohibit use of devices (e.g. robots) that distort normal games play.

  4. Betting Rules

    Please always adhere to our rules of play, and always pay attention to your health and your environment. If you are feeling ill or unwell, please contact your doctor or visit … and our trained personnel will help you to find the right place to get advice. Furthermore, we request that you read our instructions and General Terms & Conditions below.

    1. Standard Rules

      1. Never gamble over and above the level of your financial means
      2. Always play in a responsible way
      3. Never let your own responsibilities take second place to gambling
      4. Stop gambling as soon as you have the feeling you are being drawn to play against your will
      5. Take regular breaks from gambling
      6. Be sure to stand up and stretch at regular intervals
      7. In order to protect your eyes, be sure to look away from the screen and into the distance at regular intervals


      Our gambles vary according to the wager, the duration of the lottery and of course - the odds. Our gambles, that is our lotteries, can be played individually or you can participate in several at the same time. The odds for our lotteries have an upper limit, so you always know what the maximum odds will be.

      1. Do you like winning fast money?

        Our Minute Pool, for example, is limited to 375 participants, so with a full Minute Pool gamble, you will be playing with odds of 1 to 375 and a wager of only € 1 for winnings of over € 225 - with a new gamble every minute.
      2. Do you like to win large sums on a weekly basis?

        If you want to place larger wagers, then take a look at our larger lotteries.
        These lotteries last longer - according to the gamble, several hours, days or weeks.

        With our Anderson Gamble, for example, you can win over € 70,000 with maximum odds of 1:9,999, with a wager of only € 15.

        The big brother of this gamble is the Anderson Gamble XL, with wager of € 150. In this lottery, you can win over € 290,000 with amazingly short odds of 1 to 5,000, and we run these lotteries regularly!
      3. Are you a high-roller? Are you prepared to put your faith in your good luck?

        With our "High Roller Gambles" you can win really big money.

        The "Beginners' High Roller Gamble" is the 2 million pool. Here, with a wager of just € 300, you have the chance of winning as much as 2 million euros. And with a limit on the odds of no longer than 1 to 9,999.
      4. Do you already have plenty of money, but you want to experience the ultimate kick by multiplying your money?

        Why not join in with our annual Millionaire's Gamble? Play against the 100 best and bravest high-rollers in the world!

        Wager: € 100,000, odds: 1 to 100, winnings: € 5,000,000 - by taking part, you qualify to apply to join our new and exclusive Billionaire's Gamble, where you will play against just 9(!) opponents in the ultimate lottery. No tricks, no reading of tarot cards and no roulette balls that have been tampered with, simply your luck against that of your opponents.


      Step 1:

      Once you have paid sufficient funds into your wallet, you can start playing the lottery whenever you are ready.

      If you have already chosen a gamble (if not, see above) you can start playing, by clicking on the "to the lottery" button of the relevant gamble in the "Gambles" area.

      Once you have been redirected, you will see the lobby of the gamble on the screen:

      On the right-hand side (as viewed on the PC) you will see some of the current players.

      On the left-hand side you will see the current jackpot, the remaining time until the winner is drawn and the "Play" button. Before the minimum number of tickets/participants is reached (please see also point 3.2), you can see the minimum jackpot.

      Below the two areas mentioned, you will see various data about this gamble:

      You can see whether the minimum number of players or participations has been reached. If these have not been reached, you can still take part in the gamble! If it is the case that a gamble does not go ahead by the time of conclusion, then the money will be automatically transferred back to your wallet.

      In another field, you will also see the minimum wager for this gamble and the prize to be won.

      This will change every time another person participates in the gamble.

      To the far right, there is another timer, showing the time remaining.

      Depending on the chosen Gamble, they maximum number of available tickets per player will be limited to 1 - 10% of the total available tickets to guarantee a realistic winning chance to every player.

      Step 2:

      Click on the "Play" button mentioned above.

      Now a further window should open on your screen, where the minimum or current jackpot and the remaining time will be shown once again.

      On the right, you will find the name of the gamble and a short description of the gamble so that you can be sure that you are really in the right lottery.

      Step 3:

      You can now determine the amount which you want to wager by selecting the number of tickets you want to buy. The price per ticket will be shown right next to this.

      Step 4:

      You can now activate your participation in the gamble by clicking on the "Play now" button.

      Before doing this, you must firstly confirm that you have read and accepted the General Terms & Conditions (if applicable) and the Terms of Service.

      Once you have agreed to take part in a gamble, you cannot cancel your participation!

      1. Whilst the clock is ticking, players still have the chance to place further wagers. This means that the odds are constantly changing. The gambles in the Secret Lottery are the only ones in the world which have a limit on the length of the odds of winning. This ensures that your chances of winning are not too low.
      2. When the time is up, a winner is drawn. A winner will only be drawn when the minimum number of participants has been reached. If this number has not been reached, the sums of money invested by the players will be refunded to them. A maximum number of participants is only required for our Millionaire's Gamble; for all other gambles, a winner will be drawn when the time is up, regardless of whether a maximum number of participants has been reached.

        If you have won, the winnings will be credited to your wallet. From this point in time onwards, you can transfer the money into your bank account.

  5. Privacy Policy

    Secret Lottery will process Your personal data and respect Your privacy in accordance with best business practices and applicable laws. Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, unless such disclosure is necessary for the processing of your requests in relation to your participation in the Games or Services or unless it is required by law.

    In addition to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, please review our Privacy Policy document.
  6. Complaints

    1. If you have a complaint regarding our services, please e-mail to customer support on; or Secret Lottery will use best efforts to resolve a reported matter promptly.
    2. If You have a query with regard to any transaction or the Website, you may also contact Secret Lottery at with details of the query. We will review any queried or disputed transactions.
    3. The Company is responsible to review and take appropriate action with regards the received complaints. The outcome of complaint is to be communicated within 10 days from the date on which the complaint was received, provided that in certain cases this can be extended by a further 10 days.
    4. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the resolution or if your complaint is deemed unsolved, you may report a complaint to the MGA ( or to EADR LTD. by using the Dispute Resolution form available on

  7. Limitation of Liability

    1. You enter and use the Website and participate in the Games and Services at your own risk. The Websites, the Games and the Services are provided without any warranty whatsoever, whether express or implied.
    2. Without prejudice to the generality of the preceding provision, Secret Lottery, its management, employees, partners, service providers:

      1. do not warrant that the software, Games, Services and the Websites are fit for their purpose;
      2. do not warrant that the software, Games, Services and the Websites are free from errors;
      3. do not warrant that the software, Games, Services and the Websites will be accessible without interruptions;
      4. shall not be liable for any: a) loss; b) costs; c) expenses; or d) damages, in each case whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or otherwise, arising in relation to your use of the Websites or your participation in the Games or in the Services. 
      5. You understand and acknowledge that, if there is a malfunction in a Game, in a Service or its interoperability, any bets made during such malfunctioning shall be void. Funds obtained from a malfunctioning Game or Service shall be considered void, as well as any subsequent game rounds or Services with said funds, regardless of what Games or Services are played using such funds.

  8. Copyright

    1. Anderson Gambling Ltd, is the sole owner of the trademark Secret Lottery and the Secret Lottery logo. Any unauthorized use of the Secret Lottery trademark and the Secret Lottery logo may result in a prosecution.
    2. Anderson Gambling Limited is the owner or the rightful licensee of the rights to the technology, software and business systems used within this Website.
    3. You agree not to use any automatic or manual device to monitor our web pages or any content therein. Any unauthorised use or reproduction may be prosecuted.

  9. Severability

    1. If any part of these Rules is held to be illegal or unenforceable, the remaining parts of this Rules shall remain in force unaffected by such severance unless the deletion of such invalid part results in a fundamental change to the rights or obligations of a party.